1) Manage Your Mood

-If you start the day calm it’s easy to get the right things done and focus.

2) Don’t Check Email In The Morning

-An email comes in and suddenly you’re giving your best hours to someone else’s goals, not yours.

3) Before You Try To Do It Faster, Ask Whether It Should Be Done At All

-Everyone asks, “Why is it so impossible to get everything done?” But the answer is stunningly easy: You’re doing too many things.

4) Focus Is Nothing More Than Eliminating Distractions

-Focus is a function, first and foremost, of limiting the number of options you give yourself for procrastinating.

5) Have A Personal System

-Your routines can be formal and scientific or personal and idiosyncratic — but either way, productive people have a routine.

6) Define Your Goals The Night Before

Research says you’re more likely to follow through if you’re specific and if you write your goals down.

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