The Mamba drops knowledge on a group of youth basketball players…


**The video was taken down, but read more about Kobe in China HERE

1:32 “So whether it was a fadeaway, or whether it was a crossover, I did the move over, and over and then I got faster at doing the move. My feet got faster at doing the move. So when you just have repetition at what it is you’re trying to do you inevitably get better and faster at that. And the most important thing about basketball isnt speed anyways, its not speed, its skills… I enjoy the repetition, I enjoy the process.”

2:06 A kid asks Kobe about being nervous and the pressure of people watching you perform:

“So you’ve been in situations where you’ve missed the shot right? And you’re still here learning. If you make the shot you’d still be here learning. So what I’m saying is, you’ve been in moments when you’ve missed the shot, but you’re okay. You’re fine. You still move on. You still have a good time. You still laugh, you still joke. You still go out and still play hard. So what you have to understand is that, those pressures are self inflicted. They’re self made. Its the imagination. You have to be able to control your mind and understand exactly that pressure does not exist. It does not exist. We create pressure ourselves. Whether somebody’s watching or not watching. Whether you make or miss it… The cycle is going to keep coming whether you make it or miss it, so why worry about it? You need to be strong in yourself, that’s the most important thing.”