Rick with the Beastie Boys in the 80s

3:08 “I have never met somebody so focused. He just had that do it yourself attitude where he knew what he wanted to do and he was not afraid to fail.”

4:30 (Russell Simmons on Rick) “I meet Rick. Rick struck me as, ya know- shocking at first that he was white. Then he had his drum machine full of hits. Every beat was so dope. He was inspired by a culture, and spit his own version out.”

6:33 (On the first record that connected) Russell: “That felt like something. ‘I Need a Beat’. When I sold ‘I Need a Beat’ outta the apartment I felt like I had arrived, like ‘oh shit! we’re selling records!’.” Rick: “It was normal life and all of a sudden you’d hear a song that you made on the radio and it was weird, like, that was a transition, like wow, thats cool. And parties got bigger…”

Rick, Jay, (So) Russell

8:33 Rick: “Nothing that happened was intentional. Nothing. Everything was trying to make something cool to play for our friends that they would like. That was all it ever was. And then selling enough records to make another record… It’s what you can bring to it to make it special and beautiful and personal. Ya know, make it yours. And that’s the thing that can change the world.