Dwayne Johnson gives us a little peak into how one becomes an international success story:

Push thru… 445am training starts now. Also known as the “you gotta be sh*ttin’ me” hour. #TheHardestWorkerInTheRoom #YouCanSleepNextMonth #LetsHaveSomeFun


Like The Rock, Hugh Jackman gets after it first thing in the morning…

Jackman was once a scrawny twentysomething—athletic, but by outward appearances, frail. He scoffed at the guys who lifted heavy weights, saying he didn’t see any practical application for it, while he worked the front desk at—of all places—a gym. In other words, he was as easy as targets come.

“Everyone joked that I was the ‘before’ model,” Jackman says. “I was so skinny. I never lifted a weight except to clean up at the end of a shift. Now I’ll probably always make it part of my life.”

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Jackman picked up the iron for the first time when producers told him to gain weight for an Australian production of Beauty and the Beast; but his metamorphosis into statuesque über male really began in earnest when he landed the role of Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. He had no choice but to get serious about training hard and eating clean. When the world saw the results, Jackman became a superstar, and the rail-thin kid who’d cracked jokes about the “meatheads” was gone forever.

His “secret,” though, is no secret at all. You want a body like his? Then stop looking for shortcuts, make training and nutrition a priority—and, above all, know why you’re doing it.


“If you train too hard and too often, you’ll burn out,” Jackman says. “You need to get to the point where you want to train, where you’re rested enough to really smash it in the gym. We all should work out to live better, not live to work out better.”

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