In his book Monday Morning Choices, Author David Cottrell lists the qualities common to those that are truly committed to their goals:

  1. They do what they say they’ll do because they have made the commitment to do it. You can count on them every time. When they tell you they will do something, you can consider it done.
  2. They believe so strongly they can achieve a goal that they can envision themselves crossing the finish line. They can vividly see success.
  3. They write and verbalize their commitments. This doesn’t mean sitting around talking about what they plan to do. They put their goals into words and then get busy.
  4. They’re realistic. They don’t over-promise and under-deliver. Whatever they say, you can believe it.
  5. People who choose commitment invest in achieving their goals. They may invest the classroom time necessary to earn a college degree, energy on the basketball court practicing three-pointers, or hours at the computer pounding out that first novel. When they commit, they invest.
  6. Committed people don’t beat themselves up for falling short. They use that experience to learn and continue the process.
  7. People who choose to commit always plan their lives around what it takes to achieve a goal. They are focused, and they make their success a top priority.
  8. Most committed people don’t understand the term “fail.” They think it means “one step closer to success.”
  9. People who commit themselves to a goal have an impact on the lives of those around them. Enthusiasm and commitment are contagious.