In a crowded marketplace full of serious-minded, deep-pocketed competitors from larger cities, the Spurs have managed to secure something rare: a near-dominant hold over their industry.

Coach, Manu, and Timmy in the NBA Finals

In the 2001 best-selling management book by Jim Collins, “Good to Great,” he cites 11 “great companies” and uses seven characteristics that boost a company from “good to great.” They included such characteristics as humble leaders driven to do what’s best for the company, adding talent and find the right role for them as well as promoting a culture of discipline.

Pop and Tony Parker strategize during pregame

Terance Wolfe, a professor of clinical management and organization at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, sees the parallel with how the Spurs achieved sustained success and how businesses thrive. He cites the business performance model of strategy, structure, people, and process:

  • “Strategy is having a clear and compelling goal”
  • “The structure is: are we organized to meet that goal?”
  • “Do we have the right people and capabilities? And that doesn’t necessarily mean superstars.”
  • “The process is kind of part of the glue. It’s the culture you create within your organization. It’s the reward system. It’s the leadership style and coaching style.”

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Tony Parker speaks on his relationship with Pop: