Carmelo Anthony covers the latest issue of ESPN Magazine

Melo prepares for the next phase of his career

Anthony turned 30 earlier this year, a birthday that brought about its own kind of identity crisis, but on this evening he is especially in the mood for self-examination.

“What I really want is a bulletproof legacy,” he says. “How can I be known for being a visionary, for being truly great?”

Anthony recently started a tech investment firm — “my big push for greatness in the future,” he calls it — and now he is obsessing over how to grow his influence. He wants to brand himself as the “tech pioneer athlete,” he says. He wants to be known in 20 years not only as “the basketball player but also as the innovator, the business tycoon.” He wants to invest in startups and multiply his bank account by 100, because maybe billions can solidify a reputation in ways that millions can’t.

Melo Business
‘It is about defining himself in a career in which he feels everyone else is already trying to define him’

“Are you a basketball player? A New York Knick? The league’s most unstoppable scorer?” Rodriguez asks.

“No way,” Anthony says. “This isn’t just about basketball. I hate just being known that way. It’s got to be bigger than that.”

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