Meet Karen Civil, a 29 year old media entrepreneur that started out as a Hip-hop music blogger

“During that difficult time in my life, working with Karen Civil to maintain my relevancy in music was important and essential to me,” Lil Wayne says about Civil’s contribution to his career.

For the last two and a half years, she’s shaped multimillion-dollar ad campaigns and digital direction for Beats By Dre.

Sometime in 2008, it all went to pieces. She found herself at a career crossroads. “I had three strikes and needed to figure out what Karen wanted to do. I thought I’d be at Dipset forever, but it was clearly over,” Civil says. “So I got a job on Wall Street working for a financial brokerage company. I didn’t know what I was doing again, and it was so mundane and about shit I didn’t care about. I’d worked in music for years and built all these relationships, so I bought a camera, built a website and decided to go for it.”

“There’s nothing I won’t tell her. She’s trustworthy and keeps her business relationships and friendships very sacred. Before I started working with her, I had no knowledge of social media. She told me what I should react to and what I shouldn’t. She taught me how to keep my fans engaged beyond the music.” -Pusha T


“I get to have meetings with Lil Wayne one day and Jimmy Iovine the next about the culture at Beats By Dre. It shows that you can go from a blogger to doing whatever you want to do. It’s exciting to get to light a match, let it go and watch the fire burn.”

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