Carroll has the Seahawks on the verge of back-to-back Super Bowl championships. A feat that hasn’t been accomplished in a decade

Pete Carroll is back in character at Super Bowl XLIX. He’s the young old man again, the persona the national media is most fascinated with, a 63-year-old going on 33. It’s a fun way to explore Carroll and his boundless enthusiasm and energy. But the Seahawks coach is so multifaceted that, if you obsess over one of his traits, you’ll miss other compelling dimensions.

It took the Seahawks 10 games, a controversial trade of malcontent wide receiver Percy Harvin and one monumental meeting of team leaders to return to greatness. But they wouldn’t be riding an eight-game winning streak into this Super Bowl without the persistence, consistency and ingenuity of Carroll.

Pete Carroll
Pete is one of 3 coaches in history to win championships at both the college and pro level. His dominant run at USC included 2 national titles and 6 BCS bowl wins

How did he do it? No matter how trying the times, Carroll continued to believe in what he had built.

“We just breed good guys,” linebacker K.J. Wright said. “We just breed athletes. I believe one thing that makes us really special is that we hold each other accountable with what we’re doing on the football field. When you’re out there playing, you don’t want to let the guy down next to you. You can feel it. You can sense it.”

Carroll calls it a “powerful understanding” and “the essence of team sport.” It was his lesson, teaching the difference between playing together and playing for each other. But the players have embraced it as their own idea.

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The Coach speaks on the importance of practice:

“To us practice is everything. This is the aspect of our program where we make our team come to life. You’ve got to practice with tremendous focus, intensity, discipline, structure, organization, and energy.”