On Saturday night, Rousey defended her UFC bantamweight title in record fashion. It took just :14 seconds for her to submit the #1 challenger Cat Zingano. Rousey continues to pave the way for her sport and make history, but it has not always been smooth sailing.

She looks at her life this way: If it weren’t for going through the worst things in life, she would never have gotten to the best things.

The Champ receives her belt from UFC president Dana White

In the shade outside the coffee shop in the Valley, Rousey considers how crazy the past few years have been: From being broke and living in her car to being the fighter whose presence single-handedly created the UFC’s women’s division. She’s glad she went through all the bad parts in life. She really is.

“Easy lives result in boring people,” she says. Then she laughs – “It’s a trip, huh?” – still very much in awe of her life’s unexpected ride.