It’s been more than five years since Rick Ross launched his Maybach Music Group label in 2009 and Rozay has grown his empire exponentially since.

Rick Ross has long been a regular on FORBES’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, racking up at least $5 million each year since 2009

That sets Ross up to step even further into The Bawse persona he’s carefully crafted over the years. After releasing two albums in 2014, March’s Mastermind and Hood Billionaire in November, Rozay has lost over 85 pounds via a training regimen he calls RossFit, while he continues to evolve as both an artist and an executive. With a past year full of music under his smaller belt and some major projects coming down the pipeline, Rick Ross isn’t even thinking of slowing down.

XXL: You started losing weight after you had two seizures four years ago. Did that scare you?
Rick Ross: It just lets you know that death is that much closer. It’s like being in a dark room, you can’t see nothin’ and you got your hands out.

Rozay putting in that CrossFit work, getting his mind, body, and spirit right for the takeover

How would you compare your style as a boss to someone like a Birdman or a Jay Z or a Diddy?
I’m even a bigger threat than them. Because all the genius moves they’ve been able to pull off I’ve been able to watch and study from the sideline. I got to see some of these dudes make the biggest electronics deals, the biggest lifestyle deals, the clothing brands, whatever it may be, I got to see that before it was actually my time and I got to prepare and do what bosses do. Plot, big time. Remain war ready. And I think right now we in a position where in two or three years there won’t even be a doubt who the powerhouse is in this game.

Have you ever thought about retirement?
Long as I’m havin’ fun. Long as the energy remains where it is, man, Ricky Rozay The Bawse gonna shine like the moon itself.

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