A new series just premiered on GolfDigest.com that explores the allure of the game for many athletes and entertainment celebs. The first episode features Action Sports stars Ryan Sheckler (skate), Jeremy McGrath (moto), and Evan Geiselman (surf), as they play with PGA pro Rickie Fowler:

8:13 “I think all of us as athletes respect the golf thing because it takes so long, it’s so difficult, the focus level is very much the same. Brain power, the brain power required in golf is incredible.” -Jeremy McGrath

McGrath is often referred to as the Michael Jordan of his sport, having won a record 72 main events and 7 Supercross Championships

8:21 “It’s so mental, if you’re mentally strong you can do anything.” -Ryan Sheckler

Sheckler has won 6 X-Games medals, 3 Dew Cup Championships and is listed in Fox Weekly’s “15 most influential skateboarders of all-time”