Growing up in Hollis, Queens, as the only child of a single mom, Daymond John had wanted to run his own business since grade school.

John was inspired by his mom’s advice that a day job would never make him rich, but dedication to his own venture could.

So he told her one day in 1992 that he wanted to build an apparel company for young men called FUBU. She taught him how to sew, and he started making and selling hats. After seeing how passionate her son was about the project, she mortgaged her home to raise $100,000 in funding and turned half of her house into a factory, working alongside John when she could.

1:26 “All of a sudden, I’m working, and you’re watching me, and at a point when FUBU came around you said to me ‘Listen you’re going to have to decide what you’re doing for the rest of your life one way or another.’ We took out a loan over this crazy idea, had a couple of hats, turned our house into this factory and risked everything we had for hats.”

Six years after starting FUBU in his mom’s house, the company was an international sensation that brought in $350 million in revenue

1:43 “We did it and I believed in you because I saw how excited you were about being an entrepreneur, about making your own money, about making your own product.”