In 1992, the greatest basketball team ever assembled began training in preparation for the Barcelona Olympics. With so many stars on the roster, the team initially struggled with their chemistry. They even lost their first scrimmage against an all-star college team:

“It was a very competitive practice and I’m thinking aren’t we on the same team?” – Patrick Ewing

“There’s a lot of egos in one gym and on one team. Everybody wanted their form to shine and showcase why they were a part of this team.” -MJ
The squad would eventually come together and dominate the Olympics, beating their opponents by an average of 44 pts per game and bringing the gold back home to the States.

“Every one of us felt like we were the s**t, everybody. Charles- ya I think he’s a great talent, do I think he’s better than me? Hell no. So let’s do this.” -Karl Malone