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As the Mamba nears the end of his farewell tour through the NBA, he reflects on his career and shares some insight on his winning mentality. In an interview for REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Kobe talks about the time the King of Pop called and gave him some advice:

A first ballot Hall of Famer, Kobe leaves as a 5x champion, 18x All-Star, 11x All-NBA First Team selections

“I was starting to get flack for being an introvert and being so serious all the time about the game. He wanted to call and give me encouragement and said ‘Don’t change for them. you have to stay focused if you want to be one of the all-time greats. You have to study the all-time greats. You have to be obsessive about what you do and how you do it.’ In the summertime I would just disappear because I would be studying, researching.”