Miller made the biggest plays of the game, a role normally reserved for QBs. Here he is sacking Cam Newton and forcing a defensive TD.

Following his MVP performance in Super Bowl 50, Miller offers some #Hustle insight:

2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles. In your wildest dreams did you think that was what you were going to do tonight?

I mean, I got some wild dreams man! I definitely visualized success for my team. I really didn’t individualize it for me doing this, I wanted to play at a level to influence everybody else around me.

On teammate, and future Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware:

I want to be great. And when you see greatness on an everyday basis it keeps you grounded. It keeps the goal on your mind. Seeing him come in every single day consistent, it didnt matter about the injuries or this and that, he was the same DeMarcus Ware. He being my idol, I wanted to do this for him.”

Ware has been a mentor for Von since singing with Denver in 2014

Message to players that have struggled and made some mistakes in the past:

“For my man Johnny (Manziel), its definitely rough right now. You just gotta keep grinding. He knows my story, two years ago I was in the dumps. God is good, and labor is consistent and here I am now.”