Pharrell and his Neptunes production team have won 11 GRAMMYS and scored countless billboard hits in the past decade

Pharrell Williams is a multi-faceted creative that has seen immense success in the worlds of entertainment, music, fashion, and art. In this Hustle clip he touches on the work ethic and risks a leader takes:

“I couldn’t really say what the sound of things are because my job is to always interrupt it with something different. That’s where I’ve always been successful. And its a gift and a curse cause sometimes you do it and they look at you funny like ‘Ok, what you got on?’ or ‘What is that beat?’ or ‘What are you doing?’ But that’s the job of a leader. Sometimes we’re wrong and sometimes we’re incredibly right.”

Pharrell in the studio with J. Cole. His work spans multiple generations, from Jay-Z and Britney Spears, to J. Cole and Miley