He began his career like most ordinary college grads: no money, no clear direction and what looked like a lifetime at a desk job as an accountant. What transpired instead was one of the greatest stories of American entrepreneurship and a $100 billion sportswear giant. This is the story of Nike Co-founder Phil Knight, who turned his crazy idea into reality. The 78-year-old is telling the story behind Nike for the first time in his new memoir, Shoe Dog.

5 Takeaways from the book:

1. Nike spent nearly two decades on the brink of bankruptcy 

2. Quality and innovation were always the end goal

3. Knight didn’t care for advertising

4. “An unhealthy contempt for Adidas” 

5. Knight’s views on developing world labor

Knight’s advice to other entrepreneurs? “Be prepared for a lot of hardship and unexpected setbacks. For me, there was nothing that I would have rather done.”

Nike has more than $30 billion in sales, it represents the top athletes in the world and it has achieved a truly global footprint